A holiday in a house with a vat can be great for several reasons:

1. A spa holiday: A vat is a hot water source that can help relieve stress and unwind after a hard day. It improves circulation, reduces muscle tension, and promotes relaxation.

2. Privacy: Relaxing in a home with a vat is much more private than going to a spa or public pool. You can enjoy the warm water in your home and feel more relaxed and comfortable.

3. Social time: A vat can be a great place to gather friends and family. You can enjoy socializing in a cozy atmosphere while relaxing in the warm water.

4. Health and well-being: Regular visits to the vat can improve your overall health, including strengthening your immune system, stabilizing your blood pressure, improving your sleep quality and reducing stress levels.

5. Aesthetics: A vat can be a functional and aesthetic element of the home. It can create an atmosphere of comfort and luxury, as well as increase the overall value of your holiday.